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Here at Smooth Radio North East we are committed to delivering your relaxing music mix twenty four hours a day.

We also know how important it is to help each other during challenging times.

Take a look at the information on services available across the North East, including links to local authorities, support groups for the elderly and fantastic community initiatives.


Advice if you're anxious - If you are feeling anxious about Coronavirus, visit mind.org for advice to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Advice on protecting your mental health during this pandemic.

Advice from youngminds.org for young people who are anxious about Coronavirus.

General NHS advice for helping children dealing with anxiety.

More advice from youngminds.org for talking to children about Coronavirus.

Newcastle Council

Sunderland Council

Middlesbrough Council

Hartlepool Council

Durham Council

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Follow the links below for the latest buses & public transport information in:


Go North East

Tyne and Wear Metro

Stories from the frontline

Bloodrun Emergency Voluntary Service

Watch Stories from the Frontline showing how your donations to the National Emergencies Trust has meant that organisations such as the Bloodrun Emergency Voluntary Service (Bloodrun EVS) can be ambitious when supporting our communities during the pandemic. Bloodrun EVS is now aiming to design, create and deliver thousands of face visors to nurses and doctors working in the NHS.

This is all down to the work of volunteers who make up the staff at Bloodrun EVS and have given up their time to support the NHS.

If you are able, please donate £5 to the appeal please text NET to 70141. T&Cs apply







Kids art, craft and activity Ideas


Wind in the Willows Video Stream

There are 13 zoos around the world that offer live streams so you can see animals, perfect to keep the kids entertained while they are in the house. CLICK HERE

Northumberland Zoo - Youtube channel


Virtual Museum Tours

Britsish Museum

Gugenheim, New York

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Musee d'Orsay, Paris

Van Gough Museum, Amsterdam

The Louvre, Paris


Keeping fit



P.E with Joe Wicks - 



Diversity have launched 20DV to learn street dance moves. Its free until 1st May



Moshi Twlight – mediation and sleep stories



Disney Piano Collection




Supermarket opening times and stockpiling rules for






Top Tips For Working From Home

1. Maintain Regular Hours
2. Create A Morning Routine
3. Set Ground Rules For People In Your Space
4. Schedule Breaks
5. Take Breaks In Their Entirety 
6. Get Some Fresh Air
7. Don't Hesitate To Ask For What You Need
8. Keep A Dedicated Workspace
9. Use the VPN 
10. Socialise with Colleagues
11. 'Show Up' To Meetings and Be Heard 
12. Find Time For Training Opportunities
13. Over Communicate
14. Be Positive
15. Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself
16. End Your Day With A Routine